The review.

And the lady says it’s not true.

To sum it up for those too lazy to read the links:

A newbie makes his first post to review one of the top San Antonio providers.  The lady in question has been in the business for years and has stellar reviews which numbers I don’t know off-hand, but must be pushing a hundred.  Enough to choke a cow, and let’s call that a technical term.

This complete nobody says the lady offered horrible service and a menu more limited than you can get in a strip club.    Here’s the kicker:  Top provider.  Outrageously high number of great reviews.  And the hobbyists believed him.


I was going to chalk the whole episode up to silly hobbyists behaving like silly hobbyists until I read the rebuttal thread.  One fellow stated, “I just wish Pepper would have contacted a moderator and told them of the fake review/harassment to squash the speculation, save her the hassle and possibly out a troll if that was indeed the case. However, it sounds like she was not cool with the ECCIE board, and that is certainly her preference.

Its bullshit somebody must defend themselves against false accusations, but you must admit, her silence during this whole matter looked bad from an inquisitive hobbyists’ perspective. Remember, we as hobbyist are at risk for robberies, exploitation, battery and other undesired crimes/circumstance from providers and, more likely, their supporting staff (i.e. pissed of S.O., pimps, etc.).”

Oh, you poor baby.  Want me to get you some Midol? 

So much WTF in that post, I’m just flabberghasted.  The irony is of “Bitch, please” proportions, and not only from his assertion that somehow the lady here – who, I remind you, has done nothing wrong – has somehow endangered the poor defenseless hobbyists/victims. 

The only time you’re going to run into a “pimp” is if you’re slumming in the bargain basement world of BP/CL or picking up streetwalkers, which is about as far as one can get from a discussion of one of the top independent companions in San Antonio.  Don’t want to deal with pimps?  That’s easy – don’t be  a cheap fuckwad. 

The piece de resistance, however, is this notion that somehow she owed the hobbyists a rebuttal.  No.  No, sir, she did not.  Rebuttals, nay, ANY instance of a lady offering any opinion that a particular hobbyist has not behaved in a manner which is acceptable, are so famous for being swarmed by hobbyists telling her to keep her mouth shut, that they have now EARNED IT when one does. 

And the notion that her silence implies guilt?  Fucking sit down before you hurt yourself, genius.  You put her in a situation where she can’t win, apparently for the fun of getting to bitch no matter what she does.  Yes, YOU.  Where were you on all the rebuttal and alert threads, with your shit about “Hobbyists are victims of crimes by providers and need all the information from their rebuttals to saaaaave themselves.”  No where, that’s what, so STFU.