In the midst of the brouhaha over the San Antonio indie, we get yet another vital piece of information to ensure the integrity of Eccie’s review pool.

Hey Buddy!

I had a great time…really I did!

I just have a problem with my “Small-ish boobs” as you referred.

Come ‘on man…really?

I though for sure with all the alcohol and sushi I consumed last week, my boobs seemed more on the fluffy side

I am a 38 C all Natural … but you were just amazed by my big phat ass so thats cool!


Just setting the record straight – I actually am proud of my tatas and that I am one of the Ladies who does not have them enhanced.

A glowing review, and let’s fuss over whether the boobs were praised to the lady’s satisfaction.  I’ll be the one to say it:  Sweets, you’re being silly.


… where I can hear.  (Or read, as it were.) 

Cannot believe I am sitting here in Dallas with a wad of cash and NO date!  OK, so not exactly a wad of cash…but I do have a good portion of an avg. HHR in this fine town! But I have gift cards that can make up the rest.

I don’t even need to comment.  It stands on its own.


March 11, 2010

I should have introduced my blogroll links days ago, when I found and added them.  And now, Chevalier has beat me to it and properly shamed me for laziness. 

Alphabetically first would be Chevalier of Dallas (link over yonder).  He’s a thoughtful gent, and his blog seems to focus on the psychological and sociological sides of the hobby: why hobbyists/providers behave as they do, the nature of the hobby, his own nature, the murky depths of message board interactions.  I quite like reading his insights.  He always makes me pause and consider, and his points are usually off the common.  A very good read. 

Next would be Veronica Moore.  Smarter than me.  I covet her long legs.  Going so far as to post a picture of Loubotins was right evil of her.  Her blog reads as if written by a  coed with a breezy manner and an IQ of 160, and I think she’s very amusing and pragmatic.  She reminds me of me, only with better legs.