Things You Shouldn’t Say…

March 11, 2010

… where I can hear.  (Or read, as it were.) 

Cannot believe I am sitting here in Dallas with a wad of cash and NO date!  OK, so not exactly a wad of cash…but I do have a good portion of an avg. HHR in this fine town! But I have gift cards that can make up the rest.

I don’t even need to comment.  It stands on its own.


2 Responses to “Things You Shouldn’t Say…”


    I’m like, “really, you can’t believe nobody wants your gift cards??” lol Love the “thanks to all the ladies who responded, but none of you are my type,” follow-up post. I’m gonna call “troll” on that one! TFF!!

  2. Oh, yes, the follow-up. Even more precious than the original post, if possible. Pity I’d already posted this.

    I know I’d said I wasn’t going to comment but I can’t help it, dammit-

    Isn’t the average half-hour in Dallas one bill? And this maroon can’t even come up with $100 in cash without having to piece it out with Burger King gift cards? All right, Scooter, Mamasan says maybe you should stick to something more your speed. Like bowling.

    Welcome, Veronica!

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