Bringing the crazy

March 21, 2010

So there I was.  Poked the internet in a lazy sort of manner a time or two, but it looked like no one was planning to go insane this weekend.  Hurrah for two rational days in a row!

I spoke too soon.  I bring you not one, not two, but THREE cases of complete WTFery.  Two in one thread.

 Do escorts need to like their clients?  Fluff question with an obvious answer, which explains why Mamasan didn’t catch this sooner.  No, we won’t tolerate a client who makes us want to claw his eyes out.  Screening exists for a reason.  Which is what the ladies said, in some variation, for a page. 

A fairly relaxed consensus was too much for one dipshit, whose main points seem to be that all providers are liars and that what’s actually for sale is their dignity.  Yea verily and forsooth, says this master of his domain, there is no provider who can pay their rent on time and therefore they will all be too desperate to ever turn down money.  Furthermore, providers cannot be truthful about hobbyists because that would lose them business, ergo all nice things providers say are bullshit.

Not that he’s bitter.

I would have passed this one up all by its onesies – the ladies seem to have everything well in hand – but then we get our second “Wait, seriously?” moment.  And it’s from a provider.

if you ever wanna know how much a provider likes you, try NOT PAYING at the end of the session.. all the “i like you” goes out the window..

Ah, that’s precious.  Set up an appointment for the purposes of theft of service.  If we’re a total doormat about being robbed, then perhaps we might be genuine.  Otherwise (aHA!) we’re just a bunch of lying liars and this proves we secretly disliked you from the start.

Is there anyone out there among you, dear readers, who is seriously contemplating this method of determining whether our fondness within a client/provider relationship is real?   If so, you’re a fucking idiot.  Mamasan has spoken.

Patty Hearst here needs to take a deep breath, and probably quite a lot of Prozac.  I’m really curious if this desperate ass-kissing style of business nets her more sessions.  Perhaps this is all merely a clever ruse to get a significant percentage of hobbyists blacklisted by other ladies, so they have no choice but to see her.  We may never know.

But wait!  Our dear Patty cannot stop there.  The gentlemen responding don’t seem to have taken to her fabulous plan, so she restates it in case they didn’t fully grasp her brilliance the first time around.

Its pretty far off base to assume ladies are only seeing guys they “like”, since so many are seen complaining in coed all the time about guys smells, guys attitudes, guys this and guys that.. so therefore they aren’t seeing “sure things”.. they are taking money from guys they would never give the time of day otherwise.. Don’t pay after BCD and see how much she likes you

Only this time she’s trying to convince the gents that all their lady friends are talking mad smack about them in the backchannel (the nasty bitches!).  See, gents?  Don’t see all those other yucky ladies.  Better yet, go see them and then don’t pay them.  Expecting payment for services rendered, bah!  Don’t worry, Honest Patty will be around to take real good care of you after those trash-talking meanies toy with you like that. 

Funny, I thought Eccie had policies about talking in public about what’s said in the backchannels.  This gal claims quite openly to be revealing info from the PIE.  Any takers on a bet of mod action here?  Anyone?  Buehler?

Which leaves us with Stupid Git #3.  What is it with Dallas hobbyists and gift cards?


9 Responses to “Bringing the crazy”

  1. Sarah Says:

    Speaking as an individual, I can only tell you how I feel about my job. I love it. I love seeing my clients, but if they email me several times and ask too many questions about service; what I will wear, and is that a pole I see in your photos?? ..then I back out of the appointment.

    I am not here to be taken the piss out of, or spooked, nor actually am I here just to provide a service. I try to make this clear on my website, but every so often some arsehole slips through the net, and I have to put up with his indifferent or smelly company for a time.

    No, I do not like all my clients, but I like to enjoy them and send them on their way.

    Having said that, some of my clients are like friends. One of them in particular has a dependent relative who is ill and awaiting results from hospital tests. He sees me every week without fail, but last week he did not call.
    I don’t give a damn about the money – I actually do care about him – but I don’t love him.

    Another client looks upon me as a rock in his life. I respect that, and look forward to seeing him.

    The guys who make out we are desperate for the money – I think, are the ones who resent paying because they don’t get what they want at home, so they take their anger out on us. It’s easy to do that when your life is shit and we are just whores aren’t we..LOL

  2. Chevalier Says:

    I pay little attention to that particular provider, although I think a lot of guys love her posts — because she supports what they would want to say. She’s been around for years, and I still haven’t figured out what motivates her. Not sure I want to know. 🙂

    And with respect to the gift cards . . . seems silly to me. I guess the idea is that the clients can purchase gift cards without leaving as much of a suspicious trail for an SO as withdrawing cash would be? Not sure. I don’t think I’d try that in a million years, but surprisingly some Dallas ladies have posted that they accept them. I have no idea why.

    • Dallas is an insanely tight market. That might explain why but frankly, I’d rather move to a better market.

      I’ve heard that “hiding playmoney from the wife” theory before. My thoughts are, if your wife is suspicious enought to question you every time you withdraw cash, she’ll be just as suspicious about a $300 purchase at Target with no shopping bags to bring home (or the reason why you’re buying all these gift cards suddenly). Seems silly to me too, Chevalier. I don’t think they’re thinking this plan through.

      • They’re getting the gift cards for free. DUHHHH!! I know a few guys who have tried this and they basically got the gift cards for free. They would always ask for gift cards in lieu of gifts and then would pass the cards onto providers, thereby getting basically free sessions. Otherwise getting a $300 gift card would be the exact same thing as getting a $300 withdraw from the bank.

    • Oh lordy… I knew who the “mystery provider” was before I even went to go click on the link. *rolls eyes*

      What the hell is her agenda? Personally, I completely agree that her access to the ladies section should be revoked. She NEVER posts back there, but can’t wait to bring up how “bitchy” all the other providers are (except her). And she always says EXACTLY what the men want to hear.

      Don’t worry… nobody is seeing her. Even at her $150 rate. IMO, she’s resentful of ladies who set their own rates where they want them (which is why she is always screaming at ladies to lower theirs), and who have the “luxury” of being able to chose who they would like to see. She’s apparently made some bad decisions and would like nothing more for other ladies to take her advice and make the same decisions. Misery does love company.

  3. Shackleton Says:

    I posted on that thread after reading your blog. It just feels suspicious to me. Seems like it would be easy to say that a gift card has $X on it when it really doesn’t. The only way a gal could protect herself is to go online with the guy already there in her incall. Not a comfortable situation if it turns out to be worth much less.

    Also, why in the world would anyone so limit themselves in his choice of providers? With a gift card, he’s limited to the few, I’d be shocked if it were more than 5-10, and likely much more desperate, providers who responded privately. With cash, there are literally hundreds of choices in DFW. And, it’s not that difficult to turn gift cards into cash if you’re willing to take a 10-20% discount off the card value. Of course, if you’re running a scam, . . . .

    • I had some similar thoughts. Recently I’ve begun to wonder if this is the newest trick for sussing out the most desperate providers. Knowing who’s panicked over money gives a man with nothing good in mind quite an advantage. I can’t imagine who is answering such requests except a gal whose child is down to the last three diapers.

      But then, the saying goes that, “one should never ascribe to malice that which is readily explained by stupidity.”

      Why would guys limit themselves? Lots of possibles on that one. Newbie without enough sense to realize he’s limiting himself. He’s broke. He has no references, and will see anyone because he’s got little other option. He’s got alerts and will see anyone because he’s got little other option. He’s not new but he’s inexperienced enough that he still believes the common message boad refrain that all call girls are both fungible and desperate.

  4. Chevalier Says:

    But then, the saying goes that, “one should never ascribe to malice that which is readily explained by stupidity.”

    On the other hand, sometimes it IS malice. 🙂

    I’ve heard stories, anyway, of ladies who accepted gift cards without checking the balance and found out AFTER the session that it had much less than the face amount.

    Maybe that’s malice + assumption of the lady’s stupidity. Unfortunately, some ladies are carless enough . . . .

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