Mamasan is speechless

March 23, 2010


Um… welll… I – er… wow.  I don’t even know how that would work.  I’m just a collection of random thoughts at the moment.

Can they even get undressed in ten minutes?

I’m always hearing this “filet mignon vs hamburger” analogy – so this must be, what, eating microwave pizza straight from the freezer?

Did they ask for MSOG?  (LOL.)

Don’t they have wives for that?  No, seriously, isn’t the whole point to hobbying that your wife/girlfriend won’t give you more than an occasional pokey (“Hurry up, I have to meet Josie for lunch”) so the real knock-out, sweaty, wild sessions with the biggest menu possible is where the real fun happens?

Did they mention gift cards to Target? 

Gawd, I don’t know whether to laugh or sit here with my WTF face on.  Off to go search for ten-minute reviews.  This ought to be good.


One Response to “Mamasan is speechless”

  1. Sarah Says:

    You are very good at this! In all the time I have been working and listened to people talking about session lengths I have never heard anyone say they can’t do a GFE in 10 mins, and there you have it in a nutshell.

    I offer a minimum of one hour appointments because if I offered 30 minute sessions, they would streeeetch into an hour,( I do not clock watch – this is the luxury of being indie and govern my own time) and therefore my earnings would be halved, for the same amount of interaction. I might as well halve my hourly rate!

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