March 27, 2010


What do you think this is, Costco?  Free samples.  I have now heard it all.

Side note: And what is this “dawg” shit?  Hobbying – it’s how pudgy middle-aged white men get to pretend they’re on MTV.

Jesus H. Christ.  Some people.


One Response to “LOLwhut?!”

  1. Sarah Says:

    I have heard of this in the UK. Apparently there are some older ‘gentlemen devotees’ who arrange little soirees and invite certain ladies along so they can get a good – free – look at them. The ladies are the choice of the individual males, and they run the choice of lady past the other guys who give them the ‘heads up’ to invite said lady along, and the males have to have punted the lady in question, but obviously not the other males!

    The ladies pay for their own lunch too! How bad is this!

    The guys have all angles covered. No room for mistakes here! It’s a little ‘inner circle’ within the punting community, and I believe you have to be much older, and money not an issue.
    Someone gave me the ‘heads up’ on this ages ago. A little while later I noticed a punter review on one of the invited ladies by one of the aforementioned males.

    I just wonder at the mentality of the ladies, but then can you blame them if they know there could be a punter review in he offing?

    It’s all so crass isn’t it? Talk about putting the spadework in! The things some girls do for a review. Pah..

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