Tipping – it’s like robbery, in a way

March 28, 2010

Well, after several days of peaceful inanity we are back to reasonable threads descending to a stupidity stampede in five posts or less.  (You knew it was too good to last.)

OP posts a mild rant to say, “WALDT – STFU.”

You would think this is obvious and non-controversial, resulting only in a lot of “+1!” and LOLcat.  You would be wrong.

Correspondingly, MOST of us understand the concept of being grandfathered in. WE pay a provider a certain amount and really don’t care if she raises her rates….we continue to pay the same amount, year after year. Even if you don’t see a provider often, WE continue to make the same donation.

Yep, this is the same guy who tries to get $200 overnights.  I have it on firmest authority that his confidence here is based on internet theory and not on personal experience.  Someone should do him a big favor and let him know his reputation for being a cheap schmuck far outweighs and serves to negate any claims that, “Well, if she doesn’t like it then I won’t see her.”  You see, my fine fat friend, we don’t much care that you think your $150 is too good for us when we’re doing very well with the gents who pay us twice that.

But go ahead and think we cry ourselves to sleep at night for loss of your company.  Whatever gets you through the day, sweet cheeks.

No it is not just their money . It is our money next time you want to see the same girl, and she is thinking I deserve a tip based on my rates.

For the win!  Don’t tip – it’s like taking money from some other hobbyist.  Batshit just exploded his brain.

Let me see if I can follow this train of thought.  (Might be difficult, but I will try!) 

If one guy out of ten tips an extra bill, a provider will of course not think that either she did an exceptional job for this fellow or that this one guy is particularly generous.  No, she will assume the other nine were being cheap by not overpaying by a full bill.  And she will then cause problems for all the other hobbyists by demanding the extra money.


If nine guys out of ten tip a provider by a small amount, then she will take from that a notion that she is undercharging for her skills and appeal, and will subsequently raise her rates.

First scenario:  I am pretty damned sure this is not a common enough problem to justify your bitching at every guy who tips big.  Are you trying to say that if this had EVER happened, the provider in question would not immediately be thrown in the Alert section and get herself a ten page thread?  *snork*  Sure.  Some gents out there will be exceptionally nice to the ladies they see.  Put on your big-boy panties and deal with it.

Second scenario:  Not only likely, but economically accurate.  Aww, the new awesome girl is making money and now may or may not give it to you for quite so cheaply?  My heart bleeds for you, truly it does.  Your life is surely full of angst and woe.  There, there.  

Capitalism, gents!  It’s the breakfast of champions.


3 Responses to “Tipping – it’s like robbery, in a way”

  1. Chevalier Says:

    What’s most amusing is that a lot of P4P clients are conservatives and strong supporters of free markets in every context other than P4P.

    Well, if they can organize a consumers union with respect to a very individualized service industry, more power to them. Somehow, I don’t see it happening. 🙂

    • I’d wanted to include more snark along those lines but it kept coming out as, “The whores are getting uppity! Down, whores, down!” and that gets tiresome even on this blog.

      Me neither. They’re only JPMorgan in their wildest dreams.

  2. Sarah Says:

    In the area where I work, I charge a higher rate than most other independent girls. For this reason, I do not like taking tips. My fee is more than enough. Sometimes a client insists upon it and I accept, but also tell him it is not necessary.

    I feel that tips should go to girls who have to pay a large portion of their fee to their pimp, be that an agency boss or a parlour boss. Tip them, because they deserve it.

    If you go out for a meal in the UK you don’t tip the establishment – you tip your waiter. If I get my nails done, I tip the girl who did them, not the person she works for, but I as an indie make all of the money I get, so that is why a tip is unnecessary.

    Sarah x

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