“Minions” sounds so much catchier than “Suggestion Box” or “Contact Me Page”.

By some miracle, people seem to be not only finding my little corner of the web but hanging around to read my collection o’ diatribes.  It’s possible they like it.  It’s possible I’m filling a niche, which needs to be served.  It’s possible I menstruate gold, but let’s stick to two out of three.

If Mamasan’s wanderings around the web miss some particular bit of hobby asshattery you’d like to see snarked here, send me the link.  I make no promises that you can say, “Sic ’em, Mamasan!” and I’ll do it.  Depends on whether the snarking of said asshattery will entertain me.

If something I snarked gets hit with a notice of snarkery – “Dude, Mamasan spoke” or “You’ve been snarked” – send me the link.  We all like to know we’re loved.

If you get a private communication full of jackassed incoherence you’d like to see snarked, forward it to me.  See above on the definite maybe.   And by “you” I do mean hobbyist or provider.  I’m an equal-opportunity bitch.

If you have a topic you’d like to suggest for either the Hobbyist or Escort Newbie Primer, send it to me.

If you have found yourself the subject of a snark, please feel free to send me a rambling email full of LOLOLing and general proving-my-point bullshit.  Frothing at the mouth is a nice bonus.  Mamasan likes a good chuckle over her morning cuppa.  Ditto for anyone speculating under what name I hobby. 

Send it where, you ask?  Why, mamasansnark@gmail.com, of course.

I’ve always wanted minions.


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