Well, this was thin

March 8, 2010

The relevent post.

The least he could have done was make a better effort of covering his duplicity.  Mamasan is not a fan of, “There I was, just minding my own business, innocent as hell and then BAM, out of NO WHERE she goes all psycho.”  Sure.  That’s the most likely scenario.  Right-o.

Reading between the lines, here’s Mamasan Snark’s The Rest of the Story (she is no Paul Harvey, but a lady can dream):

This young guy shows up, puts down money and starts asking a lot of questions while looking all around.  Say it with me, ladies:  Hello, vice cop.  The lady asks him a question – perhaps, “Why do you need to know?” or “I do not discuss menu activities.”  He reacts to her “attitude problem” by smarting off, she scoops up the money and tells him to leave right now or she’s calling her back-up.

And yet he gets to write an alert on her, whereas, on Eccie, if a reliable provider is beaten and robbed she has to keep it out of the public eye to “protect his security”.

I’m not entirely certain why any escort would want the typical Eccie hobbyist as a client.   This is pure speculation but, I suspect if there were another viable board option for advertising Eccie would be pure sausage fest.

ETA:  Chevalier brought this blog post back to my attention.  In retrospect, belay my last due to very sloppy phrasing.  The typical Eccie client is, in my experience, neither better nor worse than clients from any other site.  The typical Eccie male poster, on the other hand, is liable to be a complete tool.  Or at least to behave that way in public for benefit of other typical Eccie male posters.


Where to start?

February 25, 2010

There’s been a fair few threads asking why providers have minimum-age policies.  I suspect, if such ladies were asked out of hearing of potential clients, they might offer up the following as Exhibit A.

Ok had a session with a very very well reviewed provider, and about 30 minutes into the session, she says “you are hard”, at first I took it as a compliment and started talking dirty back to her, and she says it again but this time her face is grimacing, and I was thinking to myself yeah that usually helps during sex, haven’t practiced shooting pool with a rope, but that is why it’s called a hard on…she keeps complaining that I am hard and it is starting to hurt her…I am no John Holmes, so it wasn’t like I was puncturing her ovaries, and she tells me your going to have to cum, 35 minutes into the session…umm I thought I had signed up for an hour? She tells me she usually only sees 1 a day and will occasionally see 2, so it should not be she is so sore from overuse, any body else ever heard of such a thing? I would have thought she would have been more concerned that it wasn’t hard, Hello when it’s hard it likes what it sees…that should be a comlepment? If I want to get told to hurry up and cum I would have stayed home and saved some money or would have gone surfing on backpage… I am 37 good looking well groomed so it shouldn’t have been a YMMV thing in trying to get the stinky ogar out of here…

Also, intelligent, articulate and a good lover.  One wonders why some lucky civilian hasn’t snapped him right off the market.  Shall I  dive in by pointing out the obvious?
I’m wondering why his age and opinion on his own good looks has anything to do with her being in pain.
If you feel you are being ripped off when you don’t get to pound away for a full 60 minutes with complete disregard for your playmate – buy a blow-up doll.
How low- or high-volume the lady is has no merit on whether you’re allowed to abuse her tender bits.  Anyways, if she were high-volume you’d merely be complaining that the other six guys that day ought to have primed the well.
Well done on the public post.  Perhaps it might not have occurred to you that your statement could be considered adding insult to injury when this “well reviewed” lady logs on to the board.  I’m certain it hasn’t occurred to you that you’ve now made your way onto DNS lists by being rough, callow, demanding, attempting to humiliate your playmate in public as relatiation for daring to feel pain, as well as being so dense as to post the evidence in public where all the ladies can see it.  Bravo.
The worst news is, I bet someone gave this winner a good reference.

There is nothing nw under the sun.  We have all seen this one, in its many variations, and it invatiably starts with “I’ve got a great idea”.  The gist is:

A client would like to go on vacation, and he would like to take a lovely working companion with him.  Maybe to the Caymans, maybe on a cruise, perhaps to Rome.  But, you see, since the client will be paying so very much for the lady companion’s airfare, lodging, meals and expenses, he must insist upon a discount for her time.  Anything “free” or slightly higher will do.  This is, of course, pefectly logical seeing as she is getting a free vacation .  Right?

Gentlemen.  Let us be honest, one with the other.  There is no such thing as a free lunch, and you are not offering one now (although you are expecting one).  In truth, you are asking a lady to spend a week working for you.  A week in which she will be expected to provide her time and attention, devoted solely to you, in whatever measure you determine is “owed” to you.  Be frank; were this lady to spend her vacation lounging by the pool, seeing the nightlife, enjoying the fine cuisine or simply reading a book, as is her wont, with or without you by her side you would be mightily offended.  And why?  Because she is acting as if she is on vacation.  You expect her to work.  For a week.  With nothing to show for it but a tan she got whenever you decided she could have time to herself.

If you are flush and generous enough to send a lady on vacation without expectations, you’re a lovely soul and we all applaud your good nature.  When you want a lady to work for you, you must pay.  If you insist the lady do the work in Vegas then how she gets there is your problem, not hers.  She doesn’t owe you merely because you picked the venue.